watch-video Protecto Wrap’s Peel and Heat Complete is a unique floor warming and crack isolation system installedmunder thin-set installations of tile and stone.

brochure-coverPeel and Heat Complete is a safe and efficient electric floor-warming product for interior applications. It can not be used for exterior snow melting applications. It is generally intended for installation below tile, stone, other masonry, and wood flooring materials in residential and moderate commercial installations.

Non-masonry flooring materials such as carpet, vinyl, or hardwood can be installed over Peel and Heat Complete if the mat is installed in a minimum 3/8″ cement-based or gypsum-based material to provide a rigid surface over which to install the wood.

Completely unseen, Peel and Heat Complete combines easy Peel and Stick installation with anti-fracture protection to provide warmth and comfort to flooring surfaces

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